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Jul 11, 2013 4:30pm PDT
place. if you look at the an droid market now and the players in the android market environment, it's a tough slog. >> reporter: how will we really know if microsoft is making the right moves? in a year and a half, we'll see products developed under this new structure, if they are mind blowing steve job will look like a genius. who will be the next microsoft ceo to make big changes? >>> the sharp rise in sales of tablets and smart phones comes at the expense of the old fashioned desktop computer. worldwide shipment ps of personal computers fell for the fifth quart near a year down 11% from april through juniper i didn't do. >>> as pc sales take a serious slide, china unseeded hewlett packard to become the world's number one pc maker. lonovo who bought them back in 2005 controls 17% of the world's pc market. hewlett packard slipped to second place. >>> ford is cutting the price of the all electric 2014 focus sedan by 10%, about $4,000 off the sticker price for this year's new model. the auto maker wants to make surprises are competitive when the focus electric hits showrooms in the nex
Jul 12, 2013 4:30pm PDT
the previous segment, this is getting to be a better environment for banking. higher rates while there are negatives are a better thing because the spread of what you can earn on lending ver suls su cost of deposit. home prices are drifting up in the u.s. and the recent runup in interest rates isn't dampening that. those are a good backdrop for second kwaurquarter earnings. >> what are they doing so well? i'm not talking about the big ones, though, that's the main focus tonight. what are the mid-sized guys doing well? >> lending. if you look at the data for the second quarter, the large banks lending increase was over 1%, not great. the small banks overall was about 8%. so really, the small banks are the ones out there aggressively getting out there with customers and making loans. that's what they do and that's why stock prices are doing well. >> when we look at the bank index, it's been pretty much on the rise since the beginning of the year. do you see that continuing, and are there any stocks big or small in the banking sector that you are recommending? >> we do think it's a good e
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2